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ECIS 2017 welcomes your submissions of completed research and research in progress to the following conference tracks

T01. General IS Topics
Co-Chairs: Carl Adams; Oliver Müller; Sam Takavarasha Jr; João Varajão

T02. A Sociotechnical Approach for 21st Century Problems
Co-Chairs: Peter Bednar; David Wastell; Carla Simone

T03. Accounting Information Systems
Co-Chairs: Daniela Mancini; Stefan Strecker; Geert Poels

T04. Big Data Analytics and Business Transformation
Co-Chairs: Patrick Mikalef; Ilias O. Pappas; Paul A. Pavlou

T05. Business Analytics and Data Science for Business Performance
Co-Chairs: Aleš Popovič; Barbara Dinter; Christian Janiesch

T06. Business Process Management
Co-Chairs: Maximilian Röglinger; Michael Rosemann; Jan vom Brocke

T07. Digital Ecosystems: Challenges and Opportunities
Co-Chairs: Eusebio Scornavacca; Jessie Pallud; Stefano Za

T08. Digital Government in the Public Sector
Co-Chairs: Luís Alfredo Martins do Amaral; Elsa Estevez; Dmitrii Trutnev

T09. Digital Health Initiatives
Co-Chairs: Christian Guttman; Richard Klein; Reeva Lederman

T10. Digitization and Innovation in the Public Sector
Co-Chairs: Ulf Melin; Helle Zinner Henriksen; Leif Skiftenes Flak

T11. Economics and Value of IS
Co-Chairs: Osama Mansour; Ahmad Ghazawneh; Maria Åkesson

T12. Entrepreneurship and IS
Co-Chairs: Katerina Pramatari; Brian O’Flaherty; Klaus Sailer

T13. Financial Technology (FinTech) and the Digitization of Financial Services
Co-Chairs: Thomas Puschmann; Jan Damsgaard; James C. Westland

T14. Healthcare Information Systems for a Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive World
Co-Chairs: Henrique O’Neill; Raj Gururajan; Rui Quaresma

T15. Internet of Things in Organizational Life
Co-Chairs: Thomas Østerlie; Elena Parmiggiani; Rikard Lindgren

T16. IS and Resource Management in Smart Cities and Smart Communities
Co-Chairs: Francesco Archetti; Monica Dragoicea; Mariana Mocanu

T17. IS for a Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive World
Co-Chairs: Chadi Aoun; Helena Karsten; Stefan Seidel

T18. IS Research Methods and Philosophy
Co-Chairs: Richard Baskerville; Joe Nandhakumar; Cathy Urquhart

T19. IS Teaching and Learning
Co-Chairs: Kalinka Kaloyanova; Vijay Kanabar; Carla Messikomer

T20. IT Governance and Business-IT Alignment
Co-Chairs: Wim Van Grembergen; Lazar Rusu; Steven De Haes

T21. Knowledge Management
Co-Chairs: Stefan Smolnik; Markus Bick

T22. Maritime Informatics
Co-Chairs: Mikael Lind; Olga Delgado; Richard Watson

T23. Materiality of IT and Ubiquitous Computing
Co-Chairs: Gamel O. Wiredu; Carsten Sørensen; Peter N. Meso

T24. Openness and IT
Co-Chairs: Daniel Schlagwein; Kieran Conboy; Lorraine Morgan

T25. Participatory Aspects and Inclusion in Social Media
Co-Chairs: Anil Aggarwal; Hajer Kefi; Doug Vogel

T26. Service Innovation, Engineering and Management
Co-Chairs: Jens Poeppelbuss; Haluk Demirkan; Roman Beck

T27. Smart Information Systems for Inclusive Education
Co-Chairs: Fernando Moreira; Paula Peres; Chia-Wen Tsai

T28. Social and Ethical Implications of ICT Use
Co-Chairs: Christy M.K. Cheung; Bo Sophia Xiao; Helena Wenninger

T29. Social Media in Business and Society
Co-Chairs: Matthias Trier; Hanna Krasnova; Alexander Richter

T30. Use of ICT in Crisis Communications
Co-Chairs: Stefan Stieglitz; Deborah Bunker; Tony Sleigh

T31. Business Models in a Digitized World
Co-Chairs: Manuel Trenz; Alexander Benlian; Saonee Sarker

T32. IS Adoption and Diffusion
Co-Chairs: Jyoti Choudrie; Anand Jeyaraj; G. Harindranath